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*All Videos in english or with english subtitle*

Carplounge Tackle - how we build Baitboats!

RT4 in Detail
Our Carplounge-Team member Philipp Braun explains in this video in great detail the functions of his RT4 Baitboat.

RT4 -detailed look
Our customer Gerry Heapes from Ireland take a detailed look at all functions of his RT4 Baitboat.

RT4 in France - new Video 2016!

Carplounge RT4 Autopilot GPS

explanation in english with Dennis and Seb in France

RT4 at the big one - with Ian Russell
behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show in England. Interview with Ian Russell (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat. **Turn on english Subtitle**

Carplounge RT4 Autopilot Tutorial - English
Rowan Charnick and Tom Robson from made a nice tutorial Video: " OTBL - Filmed on our recent trip to Old Oaks, Feb 2016, we take you through how to use the Carplounge Autopilot fitted to the Carplounge RT4 Baitboat - we cover the setting up of GPS points, creating routes and setting up route tasks (drive to point, drop bait/left hopper/return home)"

RT4 wit Toslon TF640 in Detail
Gerry take a detailed look at the TF640 Fishfinder and explain the functions in detail.

RT4 bait spiral ***Prototyp***
***Prototype*** Regularly we have been asked for a way to put food strokes with the RT4. The newly designed bait spiral fits on all RT4 boats. The capacity of the hoppers increase to 2.5 liters per side for a total capacity up to 5 liters. Because of the special design, all conceivable Baits can be placed, also wet particles and micro-pellets aren’t a problem. The rotational speed is controlled continuously thru the remote control. Coming soon for your RT4 Bait boat.

RT4 in Action
RT4 pulling rowboat on Gigantica :)

All Carplounge videos can be found in our Youtube channel: