SpotPointer - Spotbuoy

NEW: Carplounge Premium spot buoy: SpotPointer!
With a diameter of 20mm or 25mm (top of buoy) we offer a highly buoyant most stable buoy on the market. It offers maximum rupture safety and a perfect stand even in flowing waters and during heavy storms. We use screw connectors made out of a special glasfibre injected plastic material which makes it almost wear-free and perfectly sealed. This is a unique feature on the European market. The buoy can be adjusted to every water depth by adjusting the single elements accordingly. This ensures that the illuminated top is above the water surfaces. The maximum length is 6,20 meters. Additional elements can be ordered, so that the depth can be increased even further.

Due to our unique lead sole (weighing about 2.1 kg) we can guarantee that the buoy remains at the desired spot during use even when fully extended. Another highlight is the special shape of the lead sole: Due to heightened collars, the fishing line cannot become entangled on the buoy ring.

Video en France: Par cette Vidéo nous vous montrons le fonctionnement et comment se servir de la bouée à tige par le positionneur, (Spot-pointer de carplounge takle) par le quel vous pouvez repérer et rejoindre les endroits de pêches programmés. Un emmêlement du nylon auprès de la tige est impossible avec le système de basculement de la tige

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