Special Boats


New RT4 mapping trailer for 3D Maps.
Joined cooperation with our mapping specialist Dennis Groen. The trailer is used for mapping and features a Lowrance Elite 7Ti with a TotalScan sonar, which offers a 200ghz, CHIRP, DownScan and a Sidescan sonar. This combination collects the data for mapping and bottom hardness. The trailer is easily pulled by the RT4 and has a great turning circle. The collected data is stored on a SD card, which can easily transferred to a computer. Do you have interest in the mapping trailer? Please contact us! Do you want a detailed depth map from your lake? Please contact us for more info or visit: www.waterdepthmaps.com

Autopilot Mapping.

Last week we have completed another special requested mapping project and handed it over to our client. The client was looking for an unmanned mapping boat with autopilot. However, normal mapping for pure depth map creation was not enough. In order to detect the soil in a HD resolution with mapping we use a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 CHIRP in combination with a high resolution CHIRP sonar and as well a StructureScan® transducer in a trailer boat that is being pulled over the lake by the RT4 Bait boat. The ground information from the integrated StructureScan® HD Sonar provides 180 degree photorealistic images of surrounding structures and are stored live in the HDS on a SD card. Then the data can be rendered to detailed hydrographic maps. A wireless camera in the trailer boat will also transmit the sonar image of a diversity system to a 10 inch monitor on land. Do you also have any special requirements? Please contact us! With the experience of more than 4000 handmade bait boats and more than 50 different individual constructions used for the industry and research, we will find a solution for your project!


Lowrance in the Case.

This week our engineers have implemented a special request made by our customers: A large Lowrance Elite 7x Chirp was included into the water-proof transport box. Including the wireless receiver and LiIon batteries. For our engineers (almost) everything is possible.


Camera Boat.
In the following video you can see a special version for professional water and underwater photography. High definition cameras were attached to the external frame that can be controlled by the remote and therefore enable the cameraman to get some astonishing shots. Thanks to its great stability on water the RT4 was the camera crew’s first choice.