Li-Ion Batteries

Power for your Baitboat. In comparison to bait boats with lead-acid batteries, our Li -Ion rechargeable batteries reduce several kilograms of weight at a higher battery life. Unlike other manufacturers, we use 4S (4-cell Li-Ion packs with 14.8 V nominal output instead of 7.4 V or 11.1 V. Due to the higher voltage of our 4S battery consumes far less power with the same load and in conjunction with the jet propulsion achieves the longest battery life.

New: latest HI-C technology Batteries available!
Higher capacity: 25% more battery life
Lower internal resistance: full power until the end- especially suitable for boats with Brushless Motors!!

Please choose the right connector for your Baitboat:

All RT4 until April 2016 use T-Connector Batteriecable (Red)

All RT4 from April 2016 and later use XT60 Batteriecable (yellow)

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